During the coronavirus crisis, we’ll be posting some ideas here for how you can help, be encouraged, and be an encouragement to others.


This week, we encourage you to connect with a few of your neighbors by asking them two questions: (1) How can I pray for you? and (2) How can I help you during this time? Think about the five houses that surround yours… what a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors and share a message of hope and help. Download and use the card below to connect with your neighbors. You can print it out and stick it on their front door or on top of their mailbox if you’re unable to approach them face-to-face.

LAUNCH A Grace Life watch PARTY

We’ll be online again this Sunday! Be sure to connect to one of our live streamsGo to https://live.gracelifechurch.us at 10am and invite your friends to come join us online. In this way you can worship together, ask questions and interact with each other in the chat area, and participate in all aspects of the worship event.

You can also host a watch party on Facebook. It’s easy… First be sure to “like” one of Grace Life’s pages. When the service goes live on Sundays at 9am, you’ll see it pop up in your Facebook feed. You’ll see a button to host a watch party and others can join and view with you. Your friends will see your viewing activity show up in their feeds. Let friends know in advance you’ll be watching this Sunday and ask them to join you online. What a great way to invite them to church and hear the Good News at the same time!


Do you have resources you can share with your neighbors or others? Yes, we’re talking about that horde of toilet paper and hand sanitizer in your basement. Look for opportunities to help others who may be running short on supplies. If your neighbor didn’t make it to the grocery store before the rush, ask if they need a casserole or salad dish to tide them over. 


Gift cards to local restaurants. If you have neighbors who need a meal, consider a gift card to a local restaurant that delivers. Many restaurants are delivering during coronavirus. This also helps the local economy.

Donate blood. Blood banks are critically low nationwide. Do it by appointment at a hospital or blood donation center. These will follow infection prevention guidelines to ensure you don’t get sick from someone at the donation center.

Remote volunteer. You can volunteer from your own home. One instance is Alone, an organization that provides companionship for the elderly. There is an option to become a telephone volunteer where you can call and check-in at least two hours each week. For neighbors that are high risk (elderly, lung problems, etc.), consider a video call with them via FaceTime or another computer technology.